Prince Connell’s Grave is located in the townland of Corracloona, on a road between Kiltyclogher and Glenfarne and has an impressive view of Lough MacNean. The grave is a megalithic tomb dating from the 2nd millennium B.C.

The origin of the name “Prince Connell’s Grave” (also spelled Prince Connall) is unknown. It is said that it is associated with Connall Gulban, who gave his name to the province of Tír Chonaill (The land of Connall).

The tomb has two unusual features, an entrance stone (unusual for court tombs) and a ‘kennel hole’. There are numerous theories regarding the purpose of the ‘kennel hole’. It has been suggested that it enabled bodies to be passed through for burial along with offerings for the dead.

The site was known as the ‘Grave of the great Gallagher,’ a Donegal bandit who was apparently killed by people of the area.


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