Kiltyclogher Holiday Centre is part of our Community Centre in Kiltyclogher containing the hall, communal kitchen and the apartments.. The centre is used for local events and by local groups for meeting, youth group, festivals and charity events. The centre is kept going by the small income generated by these events and the upkeep of the holiday centre is funded through grants and paying guests. The centre was once a vocational school and re-built as a community centre and some of the rooms were used as a hostel.

Originally named the Leitrim Lakes holiday hostel it was first opened in 1996 by United States Ambassador to Ireland Jean Kennedy-Smith. In the early 2000’s the hostel section was renovated again and two of the rooms made into self-contained apartments with an additional apartment added at the back of the centre. It was rebranded as Kiltyclogher Holiday Centre.

Kiltyclogher Holiday Centre, has a range of different accommodation options.

There are two self-catering apartments which can sleep two adults and two children.
There is a single two bed self-catering apartment.
There is a five bed family room
There is one small two bed room.
To book, please contact us at Tel : +353 83 008 2132.


Pricing is available on the accommodation pricing page

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