Heart and Soul of Kiltyclogher

OPEN - Monday - Friday 10AM - 2PM.
Tours to Seán Mac Diarmada's homestead can be arranged through the Kiltyclogher Heritage Centre, (071) 9854865.

Kiltyclogher Heritage Centre houses an exhibition about 1916 Proclamation signatory Sean MacDiarmada. The exhibition contains an audio-visual facility and interpretive panels, providing visitors with information about Sean MacDiarmada and the history of the locality. Our Heritage Centre was officially opened in November 2014 and is located in the former Court House building in the centre of Kiltyclogher.

Sean MacDiarmada’s family cottage is only a few kilometres outside the village in Corranmore.The cottage is a designated National Monument owned and maintained in its original condition by the Office of Public Works. It is of considerable historic importance as it is a fine example of a traditional Irish cottage and gives an insight into what life may have been like 100 years ago.

Welcome to the Kiltyclogher Heritage Centre and Seán Mac Diarmada’s Home
Minister of State for the Office of Public Works and Flood Relief, Kevin Boxer Moran visited Sean MacDiarmada's homestead and Kiltyclogher Heritages Centre on the 30th August 2017





We have a slideshow of original copies of Seán Mac Diarmada’s 25 pages of rough notes and up to 40 pages of his hand written answers and returned corrections with comments from the night course ‘1904 Revised Programme of Examinations, Candidates for admission to Training School’.

The rough notes consist of a number of single page short stories on the following subjects:

• Composition exercise on English Colonies
• Composition exercise on ‘English settling in Ireland’,
• Composition exercise on ‘Colonies’,
• Composition exercise on ‘Music’,
• Composition exercise on ‘Highlands of Scotland and an meeting with the Queen,
• Composition exercise on ‘a hare and a hawk’,
• Composition exercise on Contrasting life between country and town youth,
• Composition exercise on ‘Frost’,
• Composition exercise on ‘The lion and the slave’,
• Composition exercise on how the ‘Chinese fish’,
• Composition exercise on ‘Sore eyes of an elephant’
• Composition exercise on the ‘five great senses’,
• Composition exercise on ‘Stone’,
• Composition exercise on ‘God’s way is best’,
• Pages of Rough work on maths,
• Letter to his friend Thomas Cullen in Glasgow dated 3/11/1902,
• Spellings.

Up to 40 pages of Formal hand written answers submitted to the organisers of the Correspondence Course. These were returned graded with comments.

These pages are comprised of:
• Front and back page of 1904 Revised Programme of Examinations Candidates for admission to Training School.
• History
• English essays,
• Music
• Dictation
• General Knowledge
• Geography
• Maths numerous pages on this subject.
• Book Keeping
• Spellings


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